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What Does Slashing Net Neutrality Mean to Canadians?

In All Posts, Politics by ReidKotschorek

The Federal Communications Commission [FCC] recently voted to scrap net neutrality laws and citizens are up in arms. Canada has vowed to strengthen protection of this valuable freedom, but the FCC’s decision may still have devastating effects to many Canadians. What Is Net Neutrality? In order to use the internet, you need to go through an Internet Service Provider [ISP], like Bell or Rogers. Net neutrality is the idea that internet is considered public utilities. That means that all traffic …

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5 Ways to Fight the Winnipeg Transit Fare Hike

In All Posts, Politics by Christie McLeod

You may have heard the news… the City of Winnipeg’s preliminary 2018 budget is calling for an increase in fare prices by 25 cents while cutting service to 22 routes. Typically, Winnipeg Transit’s prices are raised by 5 cents/year. For some Winnipeggers, this small increase poses challenges. As such, the proposed raise of 25 cents would put a much larger strain on some peoples’ wallets. For Nicolette Jones, who moved to Winnipeg last year and budgeted her and husband’s year down …

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Security? Discrimination? Both? Bill 62: Quebec’s Controversial New Law

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A review and analysis of Quebec’s controversial Bill 62 As you may have heard, Quebec’s National Assembly adopted Bill 62 on October 18, sparking controversy across the nation. The Bill effectively bans people with facial coverings from using certain public services. Some call it a necessary safety measure, while others see it as an unconstitutional example of systemic racism by others. In order to get to the bottom of this complicated issue, we’re going to take a look at what …

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Accepted or Denied – Coveted words of closure

In All Posts, Politics, Refugees & Citizenship by Luke Delaney2 Comments

Merriam-Webster defines limbo as “a transitional place or state and a state of uncertainty” – this is never a good state to be in. For many refugees, unfortunately, limbo is a state that they are constantly in, facing varying degrees of uncertainty and security. For the lucky few that make it to a relatively safer country and stake a claim, waiting for a decision is akin to being in this state of limbo. Given the repercussions of a negative decision, this …

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Tuition Cap Removal, Uber, Election Reform Bills—This Week in the Leg

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An overview of 5 contested Tory Bills scheduled for public hearings in the Winnipeg Legislature on the week of October 23, 2017. The week of Oct. 23 will be a busy one in the legislature as 5 Conservative Bills will go to public hearings. The controversial Bill 31, which calls for tuition cap removals, is included in this group. Legislation can be a bit dry and inaccessible at times, so we’ve created a brief overview of each bill with special …

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Two for Trudeau: Manitoba Association for Rights & Liberties

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What are the top two human rights issues that Justin Trudeau needs to address? TWO LIBERAL PLATFORM WISHES? MAKE THAT THREE. I found it virtually impossible to select only two of the platform promises that the Liberal party should address immediately. It was because of the question that I asked myself,”Which Liberal campaign promises would alleviate the most pressing human crisis that we are facing not only as a nation but internationally as well?” With that question in mind three …

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Two for Trudeau: Institute for International Women’s Rights Manitoba

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What are the top two human rights issues that Justin Trudeau needs to address? For me, the two human rights issues that the new Trudeau government needs to address would be the pervasive and continuing violence against women in Canada, particularly those involving Indigenous women and girls, and secondly the need to address access to clean drinking water for many living in Canada’s First Nation’s communities. The human right to live a life free from violence is not secure for …

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Two for Trudeau: Global College

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What are the top two human rights issues that Justin Trudeau needs to address? Pick the two top fundamental human rights issues the new Trudeau government should address? Yikes! Actually, a domestic choice is easy. There is no greater stain on the history of Canada than the way indigenous people have been treated over the centuries. There is no greater current challenge for our wealthy, highly-developed country than the maddeningly complex factors that lock people in situations where they are …

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Two for Trudeau: Council of Canadians

In All Posts, Politics by Council of Canadians Winnipeg ChapterLeave a Comment

What are the top two human rights issues that Justin Trudeau needs to address? Council of Canadians – Winnipeg Chapter is engaged on many social justice issues through our members’ collaboration with other groups. Peace efforts, election reform, refugee support, trade justice, climate change, water protection, living wage – these are some of the issues that the new prime minister must address. Currently, two campaigns are the primary focus for our chapter, both informed by our growing understanding of Treaties, …