Christie McLeod

Founder & Managing Director

I’m a second-year student at Osgoode Hall Law School in Toronto. This summer, I worked in the Environment & Human Rights Division of Human Rights Watch in New York City and am continuing to work remotely with them this year!
Osgoode Involvement:
-Co-President of Canadian Lawyers for International Human Rights-Osgoode Chapter
-Co-Director of Osgoode Sustainability Committee
-Leadership Team member of Osgoode Feminist Collective
-Senior Editor of Osgoode Hall Law Journal
-Co-Director of Osgoode Mock Trial Band

Winnipeg Involvement:
-Former Executive Director of Mondetta Charity Foundation
-Former executive and board member of Institute for International Women’s Rights-Manitoba
-Member of the Provincial Council of Women of Manitoba
-Founding member of Friends of Shoal Lake 40

Living in Toronto has given me a greater appreciation of Winnipeg and its vibrant human rights scene.
There’s something in Winnipeg’s cold January air that nurtures a passion and a spirit I’ve yet to experience elsewhere. Winnipeggers care: this has been demonstrated to me time and time again. 100s of Winnipeggers march outside every Valentine’s Day to raise awareness about missing and murdered Indigenous women. Our events calendar frequently hosts over 100 events/month. I continually add to our master list of organizations as new groups emerge.
While there is no shortage of issues that need to be addressed in our city, I am consistently heartened by the hardworking activists, groups, and organizations working tirelessly to make our city, country, and world a better place.

Dean Peachey

Former Grant Administrator & Supervisor

I’m a Professor & the Former Executive Director of the University of Winnipeg Global College.

-Annual participant in Ride for Refuge.
Being a member of the -40C Club.

Outreach Coordinators

Maria Berghänel
I am a professional social worker (Bachelor and Masters of Social Work) with international experience, as I’ve also only recently moved to Winnipeg. My main focus has been in migration and working with refugees, and I am currently employed as a Neighbourhood Immigrant Settlement Worker in Winnipeg. My job is also my passion: I strive to advocate every day that we can all live our rights!
I am a board member for a German NGO called Mennonitisches Hilfswerk e.V. which facilitates international projects and workshops on a variety of political topics of global interest. Alongside my passion for human rights work, I enjoy playing the flute and singing in a community choir.
My list of favourite things in Winnipeg seems to just keep growing as I discover more about my new city! Right away I was taken in by all of the exciting concerts and events in the summertime, which showed me more of Winnipeg’s heart and diversity. Being able to cycle around near the river is also a wonderful feeling! In general, I love that there are so many opportunities to meet people from all around the world and that people are so friendly! I’m looking forward to getting to know more about the different areas in the city and all that winter has to offer.
Abdal Qeshta
I have six years of experience working in developmental and humanitarian programs in the Middle East (particularly Palestine) in the field of community development. I have a Bachelor’s degree in Political Science, as well as a MBA.
I’m currently the regional coordinator in Manitoba for the United Nation Association in Canada (Canada Green Corp Program).

Calendar Manager

Nicole Pamplona
I’m currently attending Red River College, completing my second year of Human Resource Management in the Business Administrative Diploma Program. While completing my Bachelor of Arts Degree at the University of Manitoba in 2015, I developed effective communication and organizational skills. I also gained work experience in two local physiotherapy clinics as a physiotherapy aide and receptionist, where I presently work as a part-time student.
I have a passion for exploring Winnipeg and volunteering my time helping others. My past volunteer experiences include; Kidsfest (The Children’s Festival), WE Day (Free the Children), Siloam Mission with St. John Ambulance Manitoba, and currently; Sikaran Arnis School of Martial Arts Canada, Intercultural Mentorship Program and the Human Resource Club at Red River College, where I was recently nominated and chosen to be club President. When I’m unable to attend events, I contribute to organizations when I can. My personal donations in the past were made to the Cancer Care Manitoba, United Way of Winnipeg, ALS Society of Manitoba, Siloam Mission, Villa Rosa, JDRF Canada, and Winnipeg Harvest.
With my limited free time, I enjoy spending it with my family and friends, and attending cultural events around the city such as; Folklorama, Festival du Voyageur, CIBC Run for the Cure, The Pride Parade, and Nuit Blanche just to name a few. I look forward to learning more about human rights organizations in Winnipeg and the events that are planned around the city that addresses important issues locally and globally.

Resource Manager

Phuong Tran
I’m a high school student, who has lived in multiple countries, a girl traveling the world, one country at a time. 
I am neither an academic or an artistic person, I’m more of a combination of both, a person with a foolishly wide range of interests: space, physics, art, music, design, politics, and much more. I’m a gender equality activist, I’m a fighter for what I believe in, I’m born into a life of diversity, and I’ve overcome adversity. Currently, I’m a speaker for Reconciliation, specifically the 94 Calls to Action. 
Winnipeg, specifically this chapter of my life, has taught me that a city doesn’t have to be boring just because of its background. While it might seem dull on the outside, it’s the city that you will fall in love with even if you haven’t realized so, it’s the city where you will make millions of memories, ones that you will never forget. Winnipeg itself is a special snowflake, just as unique as anyone of us. 


Reid Kotschorek
Check out Reid’s latest blog post!
I am currently completing a double-major in Human Rights & International Development Studies at the University of Winnipeg. I am especially interested in the role of law and governance in the struggle for social justice. I’m also an Ambassador for the Hub!
I am an active member of the Menno Simons Collegiate Student Association, holding the position of Sustainability Coordinator. Also, I am passionate about martial arts, and dedicated to practicing Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.
I appreciate this city for a number of reasons. The sense of community amongst citizens is unmatched and the immense diversity offers countless opportunities for learning.

Each blogger will be responsible for contributing one post (of approx. 600-800 words) each month. Bloggers will work with our Managing Director to identify and select topics to write about, and will be given the opportunity to pursue issues that interest them.

Bloggers will also select three organizations throughout the year to interview for a new monthly feature.

Please submit a short statement of interest, a writing sample, and resume to our Managing Director, Christie McLeod, at [email protected]
Daphne Weimar
Read Daphne’s most recent post!
Currently I am a high school student, although I have all the credits I need to graduate! In the mean time I am taking courses online and writing for disability/accessibility awareness until I enroll in Athabasca university.
I am usually getting transfusions done at the hospital during my week while visiting other people I have met during my time there. On the side, I try to get out of the house whenever I can and just taking in the weather before winter comes. 
My favorite thing about Winnipeg is how much communities come together, and how much there is to do that is accessible to everyone such as parks, malls, event centers, all of that fun stuff


    Laurence Ammann-Lanthier
    I am a French-Canadian from Saint-Boniface, currently wrapping up a BA in political science and conflict resolution at the University of Winnipeg. I love learning and sharing experience, travelling and eating peanut butter by the spoonful.
    -Volunteer at the Fringe Festival.
    Winnipeg is where I grew up: from Saint-Boniface I got to know the different neighbourhoods of our city and have explored them by foot and by bike time and time again. I love Winnipeg because of our local cafes, our thriving art scene, our numerous cultural communities, our treed residential streets, our rivers, and our ever present drive for social justice.
    Reedhee Modha
    I am currently studying at the University of Winnipeg, Bachelor of Arts in Rhetoric, Writing and Communication and Bachelor of Business Administration (Marketing and Business). During my spare time, I enjoy cooking, watching sports/TV shows, dancing ballet, yoga, and spending time with my close family and friends.
    Besides university, I work at Bank of Montreal Financial Group and have been an Ambassador for Mondetta Charity Foundation for the past couple years.
    I have been living in Winnipeg for a couple of years, and the city has a lot to offer. Some of my favourite things about Winnipeg are the coffee shops, a variety of restaurants, Winnipeg Folk Fest, and Winnipeg Fridge Festival.
    Tiffany Tilley
    I’m a human resources administrator, a veterinary technologist and a small business owner. I grew up in the small town of Morden Manitoba,and have visited 7 different countries (so far!).
    As the owner of Little Mouse on the Prairie, I know first hand how much local support can mean to a small business, and truly believe that supporting your local arts and artisans makes Winnipeg a better place.
    I live in downtown Winnipeg and love the strong music, art and theatre scene our city has to offer.
    Hannah Penner
    I’m currently in my senior year of high school and I am looking forward to studying human rights issues I care about in university next year.
    A big part of my time during summer is spent being a camp counsellor, which I absolutely adore! I love music, and I am very involved in choir, jazz band, concert band, and vocal jazz at my school.
    Winnipeg has an amazing music community with lots of very talented local bands, which is one of the many reasons that I love Winnipeg! 
    This could be you!
    You’ll attend events, take photos/videos for the Hub’s social media channels, and occasionally promote or represent the Hub. Each ambassador typically attends a minimum of 2 events each month!
    Please submit a statement of interest and resume to our Managing Director, Christie McLeod, at [email protected]
    Sheldon Moran
    I’m presently a second-year International Development Studies student at the University of Winnipeg.
    In my spare time I Stand-Up Paddleboard and volunteer at CKUW, a community and campus radio station in Winnipeg.
    My favourite thing about Winnipeg is the lasting connections you can make within the community around you.