Photo of Ikwe-Widdjiitiwin Inc.

Ikwe-Widdjiitiwin Inc.

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Mission Statement: To Support Aboriginal women and their children end family violence, by offering shelter during crisis and nurturing hope, change and empowerment for tomorrow.

Vision Statement: Families finding peaceful solutions together.

Values and Beliefs

Culture: Our work supports the preservation and restoration of our Aboriginal cultures. We offer opportunities to be served in our native languages. We respect who we are and feel at home in our culture. We are inclusive and affirming of all cultures.

Respect: We will be open-minded and mindful of others and their needs, beliefs, values and ideas. We will ask, not assume and listen to the answers. We embrace client-centered approaches and support the power of the family. We act with humility, dignity and fairness. We will find our voices and help others find theirs. We will speak out with the women and children and let ideas and concerns be heard. We will act with confidence and take on new challenges, even when it is very difficult. We will ask for help when we need it. We understand and honour the different roles we play.

Integrity: We will practice transparency and dependability and do what we say we will do. We will hold ourselves as individuals and as an organization to a high standard. We will seek understanding and knowledge and refrain from judgement and jumping to conclusions. We will use information thoughtfully and think about the long and short term effects of our actions. We will maintain the privacy of clients and the confidentiality of client files.

Compassion: We will work to strengthen each individual’s ability to hold themselves in esteem; to nurture and care for themselves, their families and others. We will continue to find our path as individuals so that we can be respectful helpers of others. We are mindful of professional boundaries. We will be perceptive of and sensitive to the effects of our work on ourselves, our colleagues and the women and children we serve. We will seek balance in our lives and our work. We will build our values into all of our work. We will create an environment that looks, feels and sounds safe, warm and welcoming.