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Eyaa-Keen Healing Centre Inc.

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Eyaa-Keen is an Ojibway term which means “being self or being natural.” We believe that as people become more aware and accepting of their selves they naturally become more free, happy, peaceful and powerful.

Our goal at Eyaa-Keen Healing Centre Inc. is to help people recognize and overcome their inner obstacles and give them the healing tools they need to lead productive, healthy lives. Individuals can choose to work with an Indigenous Behavioural Health Specialist, an Elder or a Traditional Healer to work through a series of sessions which take an Indigenous Traditional based therapeutic approach and gradually progress through active healing, learning and developing life-affirming practices.


To provide Aboriginal People with a safe healing environment which recognizes the unique characteristics and impacts of Indigenous historic trauma, and provides Indigenous traditional behavioural/trauma specialists, Indigenous Elders, Indigenous language speakers, and cultural & ceremonial practices as a multi-faceted approach to natural healing.


Indigenous knowledge and practice as the foundation of the Indigenous peoples’ health and wellness.