Photo of Autistics United Canada- Manitoba Chapter

Autistics United Canada- Manitoba Chapter



Mission Statement

Autistics United Canada is a grassroots, Autistic-led organization dedicated to improving the lives of Autistic Canadians through self-advocacy. We are committed to:

-Self-advocacy and autonomy: Ensuring that autistic voices across Canada are heard in cultural and political conversations about autism, so that policies include and value all autistic people.

-Improving the well-being of autistic people: Advocating for access and self-determination for all autistic people, including healthcare, education, support services, and community networks across the lifespan.

-Changing the cultural narrative about autism: Promoting autistic culture, creating safer autistic spaces and fostering pride, to change the cultural narrative about autism from one of tragedy and normalization to one of support and acceptance.

Our values: 

-Inclusion and accessibility for all

-Equality across different disabilities, ages, races, ethnicities, genders, sexual orientations, religions, social classes, and nationalities

-Active respect, acceptance, and pride

-Autonomy and self-determination

-Collaboration, community, and peer support

We strive to facilitate our autistic peers to take control of their own lives and take part in the decisions that affect our lives and our community.