Hello! We have missed you all ever so dearly. This past spring, we announced our hiatus, temporarily pausing our events calendar, opportunities portal, and blog to allow us to strategize and consider the next phase of the Human Rights Hub.

If you follow us on social media (here’s our FacebookTwitter, and Instagram), you’ve heard from us here and there. There are so many events and great initiatives happening, and we’ve tried to relay some of those to you over the last several months.

We are planning some exciting changes, which we hope to finalize and share with you ASAP. Once finalized, we’ll be able to apply for further funding and get fully back up and running. We can’t wait!

However, we couldn’t fully stay away until then. So we’re (sort of) back in action. 🙂 We’re relaunching our blog and opportunities portal, and you can expect more action from us on social media. While we don’t have the capacity to run our events calendar until we’re fully back up, email us your events (I’m at christie@humanrightshub.ca) or tag us on social media and we’ll make sure to spread the word that way.

Thanks for your continued support!