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Gender “X”: Manitoba to Add Third Gender Option to Official Documents

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By: Mia Ryder-Marks Ever since my friend C.J started asking to be called by the gender-neutral pronouns of “they/them” in 2014, they have combated various forms of skepticism regarding the “legitimacy” of their identity. C.J, born in Manitoba but currently residing in Ontario, found it difficult to cement their identity when their government documents did not reflect it. “I felt like every time I had to check the “female” box I was just moving backwards from the place I worked so …

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We’re (Sort of) Back!

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Hello! We have missed you all ever so dearly. This past spring, we announced our hiatus, temporarily pausing our events calendar, opportunities portal, and blog to allow us to strategize and consider the next phase of the Human Rights Hub. If you follow us on social media (here’s our Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram), you’ve heard from us here and there. There are so many events and great initiatives happening, and we’ve tried to relay some of those to you over the last several months. …