From its inception, the Human Rights Hub was conceived as a one-stop shop for learning about local human rights events, opportunities, and organizations. Since launching our site in October 2015, we have shared over 3,000 local human rights events on our calendar, launched a master list with over 300 organizations working in the human rights sector, brought on many volunteers, shared hundreds of local human rights stories on social media, and helped promote local job and volunteer opportunities in this space. Our core belief is that Winnipeg is a human rights hotspot, and our work over the last three and a half years has not only affirmed this idea but further strengthened our conviction. Tracking the ins and outs of Winnipeg’s human rights sector has been nothing short of phenomenal.

We’re looking to make some exciting changes to the Hub to help us continue to grow and evolve. We want to ensure that our organizational structure and operations are sustainable so that we can continue to deliver Winnipeggers all the local human rights intel. We are also looking to address gaps in the human rights sector that were noted by organizations in the organizational survey we conducted in December 2018.

These important considerations deserve significant time and attention.

As many of you may know, I manage the Hub while also attending law school full-time and working. Given these other commitments, I cannot give adequate focus to these important matters while also continuing the day-to-day upkeep of our services.

As a result, some of the Hub’s services will be put on hold for the next several months, beginning April 1st. Our events calendar, opportunities portal, and blog will all be paused temporarily. We will still be on social media and sharing some of the events and opportunities we hear about, so make sure to follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram! If your organization uses our services, please tag us in your social media posts so that we can continue to help spread the word about all the great work you do!

This interlude will allow me to reallocate the time I spend on the day-to-day activities to the Hub’s bigger picture priorities. We plan to resume our services in Fall 2019, so stay tuned! Thank you to all reading this for your support of the Hub and the work that we do.