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Low-Income Bus Pass: An Economical Change to Public Transit

In All Posts, Politics, Poverty by Libby Catalano1 Comment

Many Winnipeggers rely on public transit as their everyday mode of transportation. Some may choose to take the bus to help the environment, while others may not have access to a car. Many other commuters may opt for the bus to avoid dealing with the stresses of parking downtown. Although public transportation is a vital component of our city’s infrastructure, some Winnipeggers struggle to afford this service. The 2017 Fare Hike Winnipeg’s bus fare increased dramatically last January, with the …

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The Face of Change: Canada’s New $10 Bill a Win for Human Rights

In All Posts, Gender by Emma Joyal

Last month, Canada’s brand new $10 bill was released, which, in addition to being our country’s first vertical banknote, also acts as a monumental proponent of human rights in Canada – in more ways than one! First, one side of the bill features the face of Viola Desmond, making her the first Canadian woman to be featured on one of our circulating banknotes. Viola Desmond was a civil rights and social justice pioneer who fought for the rights of Black …

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Non-citizen vote in municipal elections – a possibility for Winnipeg residents?

In All Posts, Politics, Refugees & Citizenship by Valeria Castellanos

The board of trustees of the largest school division in Winnipeg recently agreed to support the right of non-citizens to vote in municipal elections in Manitoba. In a November 19 board meeting, Mark Wasyliw, Winnipeg School Division trustee for Ward 3, brought forward a proposal to allow all Winnipeg School Division residents to vote in municipal and school board elections, regardless of citizenship. In an interview with radio station 680 CJOB, Wasyliw expressed the need to push for these electoral …

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Dereliction of Duty: The Province of Manitoba’s Response to the Climate Crisis

In All Posts, Environment, Politics by Callum Goulet-Kilgour

As world leaders and experts gather in Poland today for the start of COP24 (the bi-annual United Nations Conference on Climate Change), Canadians should examine the progress of our federal and provincial efforts to combat climate change. In Canada, the past few years have seen a steady decline from the restored hope after Justin Trudeau declared that “Canada is back” at the Paris Climate Talks and the world came together to sign  the Paris Agreement in 2015 to a recent …

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“Merry Christmas” or “Happy holidays”?

In All Posts, Religion by Skylar Smallacombe

Over the last several years, there has been ample debate about which holiday greeting should be used. Is it still acceptable to say “Merry Christmas”, or should one stick to the universally acceptable “Happy Holidays”? Winnipeg is a diverse city with many cultures that come together to celebrate their religious beliefs, customs, and traditions! In addition to Christmas, people may also be celebrating Hanukkah or Kwanzaa. Some Winnipeggers may have celebrated holidays earlier in the year, such as Eid, and …