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At Odds: Justice for Indigenous Peoples and the Canadian System

In All Posts, Indigenous by Reid Kotschorek

At Odds: Justice for Indigenous Peoples and the Canadian System Recently, the experiences of Indigenous peoples in the justice system has been especially disheartening. Controversial back-to-back acquittals in the Cormier and Stanley cases have demonstrated serious flaws with how our justice system works (or perhaps more accurately, doesn’t work) when the victims are Indigenous. While widespread criticism and the eruption of public demonstrations in response to these verdicts have given these issues more of the attention they deserve, this sort …

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Cannabis Regulations, Child Welfare Reform, Environmental Protections – This Week in the Leg

In All Posts, Politics by Reid Kotschorek

  It’s that time of the year… The sun is shining, the puddles are growing, and the Third Session of the Forty-First Legislature is back in session! In this session, the Government is proposing 14 bills and Private Members are sponsoring 11 proposals. In this post, I’ll highlight some of the more significant bills and discuss their potential implications. BILL 11 – THE SAFE AND RESPONSIBLE RETAILING OF CANNABIS ACT (LIQUOR AND GAMING CONTROL ACT AND MANITOBA LIQUOR AND LOTTERIES …