Oct. 23rd-25th: Social Work Activism, Advocacy, & Agency: A Conference of Indigenous Knowledge and Action

Across the nation, inquiries and reports regarding the systematic inequities of Indigenous peoples continue to pile up. In spite of the alarming findings across multiple fields – health, justice, child welfare, education, and policing – many Canadians remain complacent, largely leaving Indigenous peoples to contend with these issues. This conference provides a forum for Indigenous voices to highlight and share the resistance and resurgence efforts we are engaging in on a daily basis, as well as examine the responsibility social workers ought to assume in advocacy and in ensuring concerted and meaningful action across disciplines. While there is much work to be done in many ways, decolonizing action can be achieved and these actions should include the use of traditional Indigenous knowledges and healing practices.

The National Indigenous Social Work Conference Planning Committee is inviting abstracts related to the conference theme in the following formats:

  • Workshops
  • Oral presentations
  • Panel Presentations
  • Poster presentations
  • Dance
  • Theatre
  • Storytelling
  • Academic research
  • Digital or Photo Media
  • Community-based Innovations
  • Innovative practices
  • Program Evaluation
  • Circle Talks
  • Art Installations

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