Volunteer your Expertise through Spark

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The face of volunteerism has been changing – more and more, people are looking for ways to donate their expertise, though they often don’t know where to go or who to connect with. And, if they do reach out to a nonprofit organization to offer their professional skills, they are often met with “well, I’m sure we’ll need that in …

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Waging Peace

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By: David Newman This is one in a series of dispatches from David G. Newman, who attended the recent Rotary World Peace Conference 2016 in Ontario, California. These stories are inspired by the organizers and presenters to this peace conference and are posted by Mr. Newman on CNC as part of the process of advancing Positive Peace in Winnipeg. This article was originally …

Peace Building Team: International Advisor

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We are in need of an International representative who will be at the same time the International coordinator & advisor of our nonprofit organization. Responsibilities: -organizing fundraising events for our organization -Elaborating new ideas for the evolvement of our program -Bringing new perspective on how we can improve the way we work with the youth -Looking for volunteers who are …