The Human Rights Hub provides a central space to coordinate and promote the events and activities of the many individuals and groups in Winnipeg taking action on human rights issues! The Hub focuses on local activities, but has a global outlook on issues.

  • A shared calendar for human rights events
  • A space to learn about current employment and volunteer opportunities
  • Profiles of Winnipeg organizations active in human rights issues
  • A shared blog to learn what organizations are up to in our city

Check out what the Hub can do for you—and what you can contribute through the Hub!

Development of the Human Rights Hub Winnipeg was supported by an Emerging Leader’s Fellowship from the Winnipeg Foundation. We are grateful for the continued funding we have received from the Winnipeg Foundation’s Community Grants Program!

About Us

Christie McLeod

Founder & Managing Director

Student at Osgoode Hall Law School,
York University
Institute for International Women’s Rights-Manitoba:
Former executive, assist with communications
Provincial Council of Women of Manitoba:
Friends of Shoal Lake 40:
Founding Member
Part of Mars has been named after our city: Yes, we’re THAT cold. But there’s something in that cold air that nurtures a passion and a spirit you won’t find elsewhere. After all, the Jet’s slogan isn’t “Fuelled by Passion” for nothing! 😀
Winnipeggers care – this has been proven to me again and again, whether by the 100s of Winnipeggers that march outside every February to raise awareness about missing and murdered Indigenous women, or by the 700+ events we’ve seen on the Hub’s calendar in the first 8 months alone! There’s no shortage of issues that need to be addressed in our city, but I am heartened by the actions and changes being made.

My hope is that the Human Rights Hub will foster relationships between Winnipeggers and the organizations working to make our city, country and world a better place for all.

Julie Pelletier

Grant Administrator & Supervisor

Acting Executive Director, Global College & Associate Professor, Indigenous Studies
Canadian Museum for Human Rights:
Indigenous Education Working Group Member
Winnipeg Poverty Reduction Council (United Way):

I was drawn to this city by the University of Winnipeg and by the significant Indigenous population. Once I moved here, in 2010, I fell in love with the neighborhoods, the lively arts scene, the great restaurants, and the rich diversity of peoples.

This is a brand new venture, and we are committed to ensuring it meets the needs of both organizations and individuals.
If you have ideas on how we can improve the Hub, let us know!


The Hub provides a new space for your organization to expand its audience and gain new followers, donors and volunteers! By linking to your web site, we help you increase your traffic!

  • The central calendar allows your organization to share its upcoming events in a one-stop shop for human rights events.
    Pro tip: Check out our calendar when scheduling your events!
  • The key-worded organization profiles allow interested citizens to browse organizations working in a certain sector, providing an invaluable opportunity for further engagement.
  • The opportunities page allows you to promote current employment positions to a larger audience, and reach many potential volunteers!

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  • With our central calendar, you can easily find out about all of the great events occurring in our city, ridding Winnipeg of FOMO (fear of missing out) one socially-conscious person at a time. We bet you’ll be surprised by the amount of events there are!
  • The key-worded organization profiles allow you to search for organizations working in a specific field, which is a great way to learn about organizations to get involved with!
  • The shared blog is a great resource to read about global news in a local context, hear from a Winnipegger on a current hot topic, learn about the work of local organizations and more!
  • Whether you’re looking for a new job or to get involved with an organization, our opportunities portal has you covered!